75 High Street

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73 High Street - ◦ - 75a High Street

Hallam Cycle Agency circa 1910. The Newton residence can be seen on the right.
A De Jersey's Boot Emporium

The earlier shop was demolished to build the new two storey De Jersey's store.

De Jersey's Footware Store taken during the Coronation Parade in 1953 (Photo courtesy of the Mercury)
The staff outside 'De Jersey Footwear Store'. From left Jack Banner, Stella De Jersey, Mrs Tom Williams and Alf De Jersey

References to De Jersey Shoe Store 11 Nov 1946 (Trove),
Shoe Mart, De Jersey 19 May 1953

  • Hallam Cycle Agency (1910?)
  • Newton's Newsagency/Bike Shop
  • Les Gardam
  • A De Jersey Boot Emporium
  • De Jersey's Shoe Shop
  • Alan Wilson's Shoe Shop (closed 1965)
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • now a vacant lot