Olmec Alpacas

Blue Grass Snow Bear
About Us
We have been breeding alpacas at Olmec Alpacas in the Black Hills area of New Norfolk, Tasmania, for several years, resulting in a herd with fine, dense fleece. We are committed to development of the alpaca industry in Tasmania through membership of both the Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) and the AAA committee for Southern Tasmania in the Tasmanian Region.

We have several sires available for stud services at the standard rate of $550 including GST. The leading sire is Blue Grass Snow Bear, a solid white grandson of the legendary herdsire Purrumbete Ledgers Dream.

You can browse the picture gallery of our herd here.
Breeders and visitors are always welcome. All enquiries to phone/fax number (03) 6261 3496 and mobile no 0429 613 496.

Who or what were the Olmec?
Olmec stone head

The Olmec civilisation was one of the oldest known middle American civilisations. Located around the Gulf of Mexico and lasting from approximately 1300 BC to 400 BC, it was an advanced culture with highly developed agriculture as well as a written language and great art. They were clever mathematicians and astronomers who produced accurate calendars many centuries before western civilisation came anywhere near it.

Far to the south and two thousand years later, a similarly advanced civilisation, the Inca, bequeathed to the world the fine fleece, proud bearing and placid nature of the alpaca, the culmination of 5000 years of breeding by the Quechua and Aymara peoples of the Andes Mountains altiplano.

At Olmec Alpacas, we try in our way to follow in the footsteps of these great civilisations.