Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park is located 70 km north-west of Hobart and has a wide variety of scenic walks, from 20 minutes to a full day. You will have to display your National Park Pass on the dashboard of the vehicle. The Visitor Information Centre at the park entrance has all the necessary information in regards to walking trails and you can also stamp your National Park Pass book there. The most recommended walk is the two-hour circuit walk to Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Tall Trees Circuit and Lady Barron Falls. Please note that it pays off to go 'against the traffic', starting your walk towards Lady Barron Falls. If you go with the flow, starting towards Russell Falls for about 500m the trail is suitable even for a wheelchair. However, to continue the walk to the top of Russell Falls you will have to conquer quite a steep climb and may loose any desire to go on...

These photos were taken between the park entrance and Lady Barron Falls.

Walking trail close to the entrance - these are native cheesetrees, not European birches
Manferns in the forest. There was a wallaby right there, not afraid of us at all...
The trail goes along a very pleasant creek, where trout can be easily spotted
Manferns are covered in different kinds of moss...
Lady Barron Falls viewing platform
Lady Barron Falls

Below is the part of the circuit between Lady Barron Falls and Horseshoe Falls

Manferns near the Tall Trees Circuit
The walking trail goes fully under manferns in this part
Manferns - new growth
A eucalyptus growing in symbiosis with the manfern
Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls

This is part of the trail between Horseshoe Falls and Russell Falls

Manferns near Horseshoe Falls
Walking trail following the creek
Russell Falls from the top viewing platform
Walk to the lower viewing platform
Russell Falls
Russell Falls

All the images on this page were taken by Nick & Olga from Eneabba in WA
Here is a link to their wonderful web page at
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