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The Streets of New Norfolk

Alfred Street - Alfred and Stephen Streets were named after Alfred Stephen, who was appointed Solicitor-General and Crown Solicitor in 1825.

Arthur Square - named after Governor Arthur. In the early days the square was referred to in the records as George Square, but gradually the George faded and it remained Arthur Square.

Blair Street - named after Col Blair, an Early Government Surveyor

Bridge Street - the most interesting part of Bridge Street is the three abutments of the first three bridges. One is rough hewn stone, the second of freestone, while the third is of steel and cement.

Burnett Street - named after John Burnett, who was appointed to the newly created Office of Colonial Secretary to Van Diemen's Land in 1826. Burnett Street once continued down to connect with the Esplanade.

Charlotte Street - named after the beloved daughter of George IV - originally Charlotte Street ran only between Humphrey and Blair Streets

Circle Street - a purely descriptive name. Was originally named "The Circus" on Surveyor Sharland's early maps.

Dean Street - named after Ellis Dean, one time warden of New Norfolk.

Ferry Street - so named as it was at the end of this street that the ferries tied up.

George Street - named in honour of His Reigning Majesty, King George IV

Hackett Street - Named after Mr J Hackett, a distller of Hobart, and a staunch Catholic. The street gave easy access to St Peter's Catholic Church, and it perpetuates the name of this early champion of his religion.

High Street - was called Sorrell Street in the district's early days. It was named after Col William Sorrell who was Governer of Van Diemen's Land from 1817 to 1824.

Hillside Crescent - a purely descriptive name

Humphrey Street - named after mineralogist William Henry Humphrey who arrived with Lieutenant Governer David Collins, and was later to hold many important positions in the colony.

King Edward's Avenue - named in honour of King Edward VII on his coronation day, June 26th 1902, during a program of festivities at New Norfolk. Trees were planted to commemorate the occasion.

Leatham Street - named after George Leatham - Licensee of the Freemason's Hotel, New Norfolk Municipal official and member of the Tasmanian Parliament.

Montagu Street - so named after Colonial Secretary Montagu, who was also Governer Aurthur's nephew, and his private secretary.

Pioneer Avenue - named in honour of New Norfolk's pioneers and to commemorate the town's sesquicentenary on October 2nd, 1959

Quarry Street - there was a quarry at the end of this street.

Richmond Street - got its name from the early days when the southern banks of the Derwent River were called Richmond Hill.

Sharland Avenue - named after Surveyor William Sharland - Sharland purchased Woodbridge in 1834 and was a hop grower.

Stephen Street - Stephen and Alfred Streets were named after Alfred Stephen, who was appointed Solicitor-General and Crown Solicitor in 1825.

Tank Street - this street did not run full length for many years as there was a storage tank beneath, feeding water to the pump and resevoir at the site of the present Council Chambers. Tank Street was later extended to connect with Circle Street

The Streets of New Norfolk - North Side of the River

Benjamin Terrace -

Britten Street -

Cox - named after former Councillor Reg Cox

Dumas -

Fairfax Terrace -

Giddy Avenue -

Henry -

Jamieson -

Jingella Circle - aboriginal word meaning "green banks"(named 1965).

Murdock -

Otto -

Phillips Avenue -

Talina Place - aboriginal word meaning "back" or "rear" - Talina is the last of 3 streets running into Warner Avenue (named 1965).

Teggana Circle - aboriginal word meaning "heart" or "middle" - Teggana is the middle of 3 streets running into Warner Avenue (named 1965).

Walker -

Warner Avenue - named after former Warden, Mr H.A. Warner.

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