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Current Weather & Forecast for New Norfolk

The boxes above show the current weather for Hobart and Bushy Park - New Norfolk is located roughly halfway between the two.  New Norfolk is not quite as cold as Bushy Park and not as warm as Hobart.

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Climate Averages for New Norfolk

095015     NEW NORFOLK

Latitude:-42.7833 S    Longitude: 147.0833 E    Elevation: 5.0 m    State: TAS

Record Keeping Commenced: 1873    Last record: 1983

Mean Daily Max Temp (deg C)
Mean no. Days, Max >= 40.0 deg C
Mean no. Days, Max >= 35.0 deg C
Mean no. Days, Max >= 30.0 deg C
Highest Max Temp (deg C)
Mean Daily Min Temp (deg C)
Mean no. Days, Min =< 2.0 deg C
Mean no. Days, Min =< 0.0 deg C
Lowest Min Temp (deg C)
Mean 9am Air Temp (deg C)
Mean 9am Wet-bulb Temp (deg C)
Mean 9am Dew Point Temp (deg C)
Mean 9am Relative Humidity (%)
Mean 9am Wind Speed (km/hr)
Mean 3pm Air Temp (deg C)
Mean 3pm Wet-bulb Temp (deg C)
Mean 3pm Dew Point Temp (deg C)
Mean 3pm Relative Humidity (%)
Mean 3pm Wind Speed (km/hr)
Mean Rainfall (mm)
Median (Decile 5) Rainfall (mm) 546.4
Decile 9 Rainfall (mm)
Decile 1 Rainfall (mm)
Mean no. of Raindays
Highest Monthly Rainfall (mm)
125.0120.5125.8168.3198.7186.0132.2147.9135.6121.6140.5250.0 -
Lowest Monthly Rainfall (mm)
Highest Recorded Daily Rain (mm)
51.371.643.475.940.9107.240.625. 111.0 111.0
Mean no. of Clear Days 2.5 30.2
Mean no. of Cloudy Days
10.68.310.9 12.415.014.116.415.215.413.614.312.5158.7

Australian Government - Bureau of Meteorology

The data on this page was derived from data downloaded from the Bureau of Meterology.

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