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A Word about Copyright

All material that I have created on this site is copyright.   I produce this site for the benefit of my fellow tourism operators and the residents of New Norfolk at no charge.   Some people have mistaken this to mean that my work has no commercial value and may be copied freely - NOT SO!

If you wish to use any of the material on this site on your website, then you must:

1.ask my permission

2.   include the following text directly below the image specifying that I am the owner and that you are using the material with my permission.   You can make it as small as you like - here is an example to cut and paste:

3.   provide a link to on the same page that my material is being used.   Here is an example of text to cut and paste:

For more information on Copyright law, the following link will be of assistance: - What is Copyright?

If you would like to report a broken link, update information, suggest an item to add, give feedback or us at:

or write to us at: PO Box 640, New Norfolk, TAS, 7140

If you have accommodation in New Norfolk or the surrounding areas (Lachlan, Lawitta, Magra, etc) and we have not listed your information on this site, please contact us immediately so we can add you to our database.   If you do not have your own site for us to link to, we will make a one page "on-line brochure" on our server for you.   If you do not have current photos, we are happy to visit you with our digital camera.   We get many enquiries for accommodation in New Norfolk and the surrounding areas, so it is important that our list is as complete and accurate as possible, as soon as possible.   We also welcome links for accommodation, restaurants and other attractions on the River's Run touring route, as are any attractions within an hours drive of New Norfolk.

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